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    the fact

    Comment…All the other ethnic of this country should rather look for a way to balance the excessive domination in the nigeria arm force I.e the nigeria should be completely be decentralised into four region were equal personal can be achiever in other to fostal the re-occurrence.

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    the same way he sent his fulani muslim solders to southern kaduna to deal with southern kaduna men who rise to defend thier land againt the herdsmen, he sent nigerian airforce to bombemant bachama communities, massacre and sack bachama communities in adamawa and taraba state , for dearing to defend themselfs against fulani hrensmen.he sent nigerian airforce to bombe christain IDPcamp in Ran.when he was busy fighting jihad in the of fighting curuption by removing all southerers and christains in security aperatus and key positions, the brianless southerners and christain leaders was busy clapping hand for him for fighting curuption for them.south east efulefu governors and ohaneze ndi oshi , are fools over forty which is fools for enternity.


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