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    Lawal Abdullahi

    It’s high time we face reality. I’ve been a teacher for over 27 years and what Kaduna State did is a long overdue right step. This should be done all over Nigeria and see what the state of our education is. The earlier we declare the education sector as in a “Rest In Peace” State the better. Unfortunately NLC is attempting to defend the wrong. It’s only when it comes to salary increases that we raise our voice sand claim that the government is stingy and we answer funny names of “comrades” without any iota of truth to the name.

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    Monday ekeh

    When I was in nigeria l was told that some teachers in the North teaches English with hausas

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    Monday ekeh

    When I was in nigeria l was told that some teachers in the North teaches English with hausa

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      Lawal Abdullahi

      That’s why we’ve a long way to go Mr Ekeh. In virtually all non English speaking countries the teaching of a second language away from the mother tongue gets influenced by the mother tongue. Examine the spoken English of other tribes in Nigeria apart from Hausa.
      My child’s English teacher (no Hausa) when he’s in primary school gets his many of his words full of that teacher’s mother tongue prounoutions. Is it Hausas teaching English in Hausa that caused it?
      Please let’s be a bit careful in our comments.

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    please let them also investigation the Nigeria Institute of Social and Economic Research(N.I.S.E.R) there is massive corruption going on in there which is a very big disgrace for over ten month NYSC corp members have not be paid anything ranging from accommodation to monthly pay and the current DG is leaving in a 5star hotel and traveling week in week out without any consideration for corp members and even the security guards this is unfair on our part, if they don’t want corp members in NISER then they should do us a favour of not posting us. Please we are hungry, even Oyo state is paying their corp members monthly so why is NISER different. Please let something be done.. Thank you

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    Ayo BAMISAIYEMI1 yin

    Stating the facts about ones observation is not bigoted. Poor educational practices in the South doesn’t excuse poor educational on the north. Don’t be afraid to point out problems with Hausas just because the same is true for Yorubas. Nigeria needs help which starts with objective truths

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    Senators. Governors, minister and others should be tested with the same question and see funny answers. Is it not national anthem that an ambassador cannot recite? It is only teaching profession that nonsense can be entertain

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    mment…This is too obvious


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