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  1. 1

    Akwara sam Emuobor

    Our leaders in all levels of government can go to hell they are self centred barbaric & wicket they don’t deserve hounor from the nigeria masses.

  2. 2


    Buhari government is evil nothing good will come out of an evil man a leader and founder of Boko .

  3. 3


    Those in government have turned the country into a limited liability company. The country is easier to milk as presently constituted so the leaders would go extral mile for the status quo to remain, especially those from the zones that are parasite like.

  4. 4

    Monday ekeh

    I know that hausas and fulanis will go after saraki for saying the truth, Let them also seal American embassy and E.U. office in nigeria for also telling​ them the truth about the IPOB and biafra agitation, biafra must stand and nothing will stop us

    1. 4.1

      Mike Elaji

      You have been calling for this BIAFRA (France come to our rescue), but you will be dying desperately without France listening to your Monkeys’ call.

  5. 5

    Chief Franklin

    Comment… What a buncb of nonsense,is Bukola’s position on IPOB proscrition a lie? I don’t blame them(northerner),i blame the easthern senators for allowing the allocation of more states,constituencies and senatorial zones to them,thereby using it as a weapon on them during every plenary.They w’ always okey every bill that favours them.Let the delimitation be equal and watch how their wings be clipped off. In fact,this is why we say Biafra or nothing. BUNCH OF IDIOTS WHO KNOW NOTHING APART FROM HOW TO BULLY EAST.GOD WILL PUNISH YOU ALL.

  6. 6


    Those Mumu Hausa & fulnani senators wanted to be control Nigeria as there family so no other region in Nigeria must work against their order that will not stand, I believe there principal buhari will not be president forever, illiterate people

  7. 7


    Northerners were saying that south east governors said, not that they said, south east governor I want you to think twice how northerners were telling the world that you said against your bros Nnamdi Kanu & IPOB, they did not say any thing, setting a trap to you or bribed you now see what they were telling the world that you said,

  8. 8

    Abdullahi shehu Abare

    Comment…please you don’t generalized northern you have to specify.


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